Rangeland Ecology & Management

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2015 Annual Meeting

March 22-25, 2015

Las Cruces, NM


  • Meeting Agenda (pdf)
  • Meeting Minutes (pdf)
  • RP Questions and Responses from Flip Charts (docx or pdf)
  • Society for Range Management Cooperative Initiatives with Rangelands Partnership – (docx or pdf)
  • 2015 OCW-SRM Committee Report – (docx or pdf)
  • Rangelands Partnership Endowment Plan – (docx or pdf)
  • Summary of International Activities – Barb Hutchinson (docx or pdf)
  • International Report and Action Plan (docx or pdf)
  • Optimization Grant Meeting Report (docx or pdf)

State Reports

  • Arizona (docx or pdf)
  • Colorado (docx 0r pdf)
  • Nevada – Submitted by Amy Shannon, Life Sciences Librarian
    There is not much to report from Nevada this year.  We transitioned the site from LibGuides 1 to Libguides 2, and it should now be mostly mobile-friendly.  We are working on recovering some aspects of the search function for the Nevada Agricultural Publications digital collection (it was in a black box only accessible by a programmer who left).  It is mostly working now.  We will be adding more documents soon.  Upcoming initiative for the coming year:  In collaboration with a hydrologist in our Natural Resources Dept, I will be building a companion/connected site on western water issues.  Hopefully to be rolled out by the end of the summer.

Task Force Reports

  • Marketing Task Force (docx or pdf)