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Western Education/Extension and Research ActivitY (WERA)

Western Education/Extension and Research Activity (WERA) is under the auspices of The Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (WAAESD), a regional association that is comprised of the 13 western states and four Pacific trust territories. WAAESD helps plan and manage multistate research activities. 

In 2008, The Rangelands Partnership became a WERA multi-state project (WERA 1008). It has received approval for continuation in all subsequent review periods; view all WERA proposals.

The WERA formalizes collaboration within The Rangelands Partnership. To become an official member of the Rangelands Partnership, add your name to the WERA application.

To Create and Submit an Appendix E for a Proposed/Existing Project:

  • Go to the National Information Management Support System
  • Log in. (If you don't have a login, you'll need to register using the New User link and submit)
  • Once logged in, on the Left side menu, Select Participants then Select Draft/Edit Particip. Info
  • This opens the Create New Appendix E. Complete this form using the project number for proposed WERA 1008: The Rangelands Partnership as a Community of Practice
  • Submit


As part of WEAR 1008, a yearly progress report is submitted following the RP annual meeting. View yearly reports.