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The name of this organization shall be the “Rangelands Partnership” (RP). It is authorized by the Agriculture Administrators of the western U.S. region (Experiment Station Directors, Extension Administrators, and others) as the Western Extension and Research Administrative Committee (WERA) 1008, an information-sharing and outreach group. 

ARTICLE II. Aims and Objectives. 
The Rangelands Partnership is dedicated to providing public and private land managers as well as researchers, Extension professionals, and educators around the world with quality information, resources, and tools to improve management and ensure sustainability of the world’s rangelands. The Partnership also facilitates communication among diverse audiences about key rangeland issues and management practices. 

ARTICLE III. Membership.
[approved at March 2012 meeting by unanimous vote] Members may be from land grant universities or other institutions, agencies, and organizations which offer programs in rangeland science or management. Eligibility of institutions, agencies, or organizations for membership status will be determined by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE IV. Organization and Administration. 
Section 1. Officers of the Partnership.
The officers for the Rangelands Partnership shall consist of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 2. Duties of Officers. 
The Chair shall serve on and preside over the Executive and Steering committees and the annual meeting of the Partnership. The Chair will also respond to questions from the membership.
The Vice Chair is charged with coordinating the planning for the annual meeting and assisting with the administration of the Partnership. The Vice Chair will also preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair. Serves on Executive Committee. The Secretary-Treasurer will prepare minutes of the annual meeting, maintain the budget of the Partnership, maintain the official roll of voting members and prepare documents for necessary reporting. Serves on Executive Committee.

Section 3. Committees & Task Forces.

Executive Committee. 
The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer will serve as the Executive Committee of the Partnership. With guidance from the Steering Committee, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to act on behalf of the Partnership between annual meetings. The Executive Committee will coordinate appointment of task forces or committees to accomplish the goals of the Partnership.

Task Forces and Committees.
The work of the organization will be accomplished through task forces or committees appointed from the membership. Task forces will be appointed for short-term (1 year or less) project work and committees for longer term activities. 

Steering Committee.
Steering Committee consists of the Chairs of the appointed Task Forces or Committees. The Steering Committee will work to improve communication and coordination within the Partnership. The Steering Committee provides guidance to the Executive Committee. 

ARTICLE V. Voting Privileges and Representation. 
Acceptance / approval of institutions, agencies, or organizations for voting membership status will be determined by a majority vote of voting delegates Each voting institution will have up to two voting delegates. Each approved institution, agency, or organization will determine who will represent their interest with voting privileges.

ARTICLE VI. Nomination and Election of Officers.
Section 1. Eligibility.

Only individuals listed in WERA 1008 Appendix E can be elected an officer.

Section 2. Term of Officers. 

The term of officers is for a total of three years with a Secretary-Treasurer elected each year. Progression is from Secretary-Treasurer to Vice Chair (in second year) to Chair (in third year).

Section 3. Nomination for Office. 

Candidates for the office of Secretary-Treasurer shall be nominated or recruited from active members of WERA 1008, Appendix E. If only one person is willing to run, that candidate may run uncontested.

Section 4. Election for Secretary-Treasurer. 

Election of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be held at the annual meeting. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes from voting delegates shall be declared the winner. 

Section 5. Vacancies in Office. 

Vacancies in any unexpired term of office shall be filled by remaining officers moving up in appointment to fill the vacancy. The Secretary-Treasurer position will then be filled from among the eligible voting delegates by appointment of the Executive Committee with input of Steering Committee. 

Section 6. Balance of Representation.

A mix of librarian/information technology and rangeland specialists among officers is desired. The desired model would be that incoming officers would alternate between librarian/information technology and rangeland specialists. However, variation from this pattern is acceptable in efforts to engage qualified officers and in the case of vacancies. 

ARTICLE VII. Meetings 
At least one meeting of the Partnership will be scheduled each year. Additional meetings may be called by the Executive Committee with the approval of a simple majority of the voting delegates.

ARTICLE VIII. Amendments to the Charter and By-Laws
Amendments to the Charter and By-Laws may be proposed by any delegate four weeks before the annual business meeting of the Partnership. Proposals shall be submitted to the Chair of the Rangelands Partnership. A simple majority of the Partnership voting delegates is required to amend the Charter and By-laws.

Partnership guidelines and website/social media manual.