For the last two decades the Rangelands Partnership has successfully collaborated on local, regional, national and international projects to create and distribute new rangeland knowledge. Read about current and past projects.

Current Projects

  • Two people on horseback looking at rangeland
    Photo by: Meridican (via Flickr)
    STATUS: Current Projects
    A new and innovative search tool that allows users to search rangeland terms and pinpoint highly relevant paragraphs of applicable information from key national rangeland resources and Extension documents.
  • Shrub encroachment on rolling grasslands. Photo credit Austin Rutherford
    STATUS: Current Projects
    Shrub encroachment and the interventions taken to reduce shrub cover (brush management) are critical areas of concern for land managers and producers in rangelands across the Great Plains and the western US. This project brings together research and outreach to construct a practical, user-guided, web-based ‘toolkit’ for determining best options and opportunities for managing undesirable woody weeds.
  • Collage of photos
    STATUS: Current Projects
    A series of nine webinars based on RREA strategic issues feature creative, innovative, and effective Extension programs. These webinars focus on programming through enhanced connections.
  • logo of art of range podcast
    STATUS: Current Projects
    Provides education through conversation with some of the brightest minds in rangeland management. Interviewees include researchers, ranchers, and resource professionals.

Past Projects

Archived Projects