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Public Lands Grazing

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The USFS and BLM together manage nearly 450 million acres of (grazing) land, or nearly 20% of the entire U.S.

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    Since the early 1900s, the federal government has regulated the use of forage by domestic livestock on its lands through the issue of grazing permits. These programs are administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Forest Service (USFS), and in the case of some national monuments, the Park Service. As with other users of these lands grazing allotment permittees must comply with federal regulations, including numerous environmental restrictions. These pages review the extent and uses of public lands, the goals of the agencies that manage them and their users, the impacts of grazing, and the laws and regulations meant to reduce potential negative impacts.

    This section is generally organized into two major sections:

    1. general information about public lands and public lands grazing intended for both the general public and for ranchers who what to know more about the history and characteristics of the public lands grazing system, and

    2. information specifically for ranchers who use public lands as a part of their operation; this section is intended to provide the information needed to successfully navigate the NEPA process.