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Grants Received

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WSARE PDP Grant: Strengthening the Technology Toolbox for Sustainable Rangeland Management (2023 - 2025)

NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant: A National Grazingland Information System (RangeDocs) (2022)

WSARE PDP Grant: Increasing the Online Communication Toolbox for Sustainable Rangeland Management: A Train-the-Trainer Program (2021) 

RREA National Focus Funds Grant: Expanding Extension Capacity Through RangeDocs: Searchable Rangeland Science (2021)

RREA National Focus Funds Grant: Strengthening RREA Programming Through Enhanced Connections: A Web-Based Conference Series (2019)

RREA 5-Year Strategic Plan grant (2016)

Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Arizona grant (2016)

RREA National Focus Fund grant (2014)

USDA International Science and Education (ISE) grant (2010)

USDA Higher Education Challenge (HEC) grant (2010)

eXtension Rangelands Stewardship Community of Practice grant (2008)

Multistate Research Project under the Western Extension and Research Administrative Committee (WERA 1008) (2005 and reconfirmed in 2011 and 2016)

Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant (2005)

Cooperative Agreement with Society for Range Management (1996; latest renewal 2016)

USDA Telecommunications grant (1996)

General Services Administration grant (1995)