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Wildfire statstics


Wildland Fire Statistics

Photo by: NOAA - National Centers for Environmental Information
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    Where? How Big? How Much Money?

    The earth's fire problem is one of maldistribution. There is too much of the wrong kind of fire in the wrong places or at the wrong times, and not enough of the right kind of fire at the right places and times. (World Fire: The Culture of Fire on Earth by Stephen J. Pyne, 1997, pg. 5-6)

    In 2006, the largest US wildfire occured in Texas, burning over 900,000 acres of grassland. Acres burned by prescription were greatest in Alabama and Florida. In 2006 the USDA Forest Service reported spending over 1.5 billion dollars on wildfire suppression (NIFC). Wildfire is not unique to the US. Russia, Australia, and Canada also experience large and frequent wildfires (Pyne 2004). Want the latest on fires around the country and around the world? These sites provide up to the day information.

    • Current U.S. Wildland Fire Information: The National Interagency Fire Center. Find out where fires are burning right now. Learn how many acres have burned each year since 1960. Learn what the annual costs have been for fighting fires. find out how much prescribed burning is occuring in your state. This site is the place to go for information.
    • Current Global Fire Status: The Global Fire Monitoring Center. Where are fires occuring in the world? How do other countries cope with fire? The Global Fire Monitoring Center Offers Statistics, News, Maps, and other resources.