steam and riparian vegetation

Rangelands on Indigenous Lands

Water Issues

Photo by: Amber Dalke

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    ISLETA, N.M. - A recent Supreme Court decision reaffirms a 2,500-member tribe's right to tell the city of Albuquerque what it can and cannot dump into the Rio Grande River.…

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    In 1993, the Missouri River Basin Indian Tribes in EPA Regions 7 and 8 formed the Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights Coalition to create a unified voice for addressing Native…

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    This handbook explains the role of both EPA and the tribes in working together to help solve water quality problems caused by nonpoint source pollution. All aspects of the grants-…

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    Questions of jurisdiction and the nature of native land claims and self government are being raised anew by a variety of issues in western Canada. At Energy Resources Conservation…

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