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Tribal Nonpoint Source Planning Handbook
United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States Environmental Protection Agency
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This handbook explains the role of both EPA and the tribes in working together to help solve water quality problems caused by nonpoint source pollution. All aspects of the grants-funding process are broken down for you in simple steps, showing you how tribes can use section 319 program funds to implement programs and projects to reduce pollution and restore water quality. At the same time, it takes you to the next level by providing a great deal of useful technical information regarding nonpoint source pollution, how you can develop and assess available data to develop a plan of action, and what management practices and activities are needed to solve the problem.

The handbook is meant to be a practical and accessible guide for tribes to answer key questions such as:

- How do I develop a nonpoint source assessment report and management program that meet 319 program eligibility requirements and set the stage for effective program implementation?
- What sorts of activities are eligible for funding under CWA section 319?
- How do I develop and successfully implement a watershed project that will help restore the quality of our water for drinking, fishing, and other uses?

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