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Partner State Resources

Explore state specific resources created by rangeland specialists and professionals, agricultural librarians, and technology experts from one of our state Partners. Select a state from the map.


Browse topics to learn about the ecology, uses, and societal benefits of these vast and impressive landscapes and to understand the importance of conservation and restoration for future generations. Written and edited by rangeland professionals.


For the last two decades The Rangelands Partnership has successfully collaborated on local, regional, national and international projects to create and distribute new rangeland knowledge. Read about current and past projects.

Learning Tools

Access educational tools and rangeland resources focused on rangeland ecology and management.

Learn about the precision livestock management technology that uses invisible barriers to influence livestock movement.

Expand your online communication skills and knowledge with a how-to guide and webinars series.

Explore career options for rangelands students and identify colleges and universities that offer rangeland courses.

The Conservation and Adaptation Resources Toolkit has curated a list of Grassland Decision Support Tools

Update your skills and knowledge. Search this catalog to find online rangeland courses.

Search for definitions of rangeland terms (formerly the SRM Glossary).

Improve and manage your rangelands through monitoring.

Watch our YouTube channel for engaging and educational rangeland videos.

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Global Resources

The Rangelands Partnership collaborates with organizations around the world to increase understanding of the importance of global rangelands to economic, environmental, and social health.

Rangelands cover about 80% of the Australian interior, spanning 3100 km east to west and 1400 km north to south. This vast region contains varied landscapes, including,  savannas, woodlands, shrub lands grasslands and wetlands.

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Advancing rangeland ecology and pasture management in Africa embodies the mission of the Society and has become the central theme of the Annual Congress.

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Learn about the effort to gain a formal United Nations designation to increase awareness of rangelands and pastoralist contributions globally.

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This website includes documents, reports, resolutions, marketing materials and more related to the process for gaining a United Nations designation for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists.  

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There is a new updated website for information about the Congress due to the changed date from 2020 to 2021.

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Gain understanding of pastoral peoples’ contributions to food production in the world's rangelands and drylands.

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Read about the regional and worldwide efforts to address rangelands issues related to tenure and governance and integrated farming systems and land restoration.

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Explore this educational, multimedia tool about the diverse ecosystems and cultures of the world’s rangelands.

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