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Spittle bug adult

Twolined Spittlebug

Twolined Spittlebug Application

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The Twolined Spittlebug Application was designed to provide users with basic information, and tools to positively identify, report, manage this rangeland pest in Hawaii.  You can download the application for iOS and android phones for free at these links:

Twolined Spittlebug Tool on the App Store (apple.com)

Twolined Spittlebug Tool - Apps on Google Play


Twolined Spittlebug Application Administrative Webpage

The administrative webpage collects data from user reports on the geographical location of Twoline Spittlebug populations, habitat, and as an option, damage ratings.  Users can access the webpage as a guest to view reports.


Additional Twolined Spittlebug Application Resources

Twolined Spittlebug Management Tool Smartphone Application Terms of Use
Twolined Spittlebug Application Privacy Policy


Spittlebug Adult on Kikuyu Grass pc: Mark Throne
Spittlebug Adult on Grass photo by: Mark Thorne
Teneral Spittlebug
Teneral Adult photo by: Mark Thorne
Spittle Bug Life Stages pc: Shannon Wilson
Lifestages of Twolined Spittlebug pc: Shannon Wilson
Spittle Masses in Pot PC: Shannon Wilson
Spittlebug Nymphs in Spittle Masses pc: Shannon Wilson