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Workshop 2

Exploring the Boundaries of VF: Comparing Vendors & Rancher Insights

Date & Time: November 16, 2023

Where: Santa Rita Ranch, Green Valley, AZ

Workshop Summary:

Virtual fencing (VF) is a hot topic in rangeland management. This emerging precision livestock management technology has the potential to revolutionize grazing systems by allowing dynamic control of livestock distribution and duration while also reducing the cost of wire fence replacement. But, like any new technology, it can be very complicated.

Join us at a free workshop at the Santa Rita Ranch on November 16 to better understand virtual fencing. Participants will learn about VF components and the differences between vendors. Ranchers using VF at the landscape-scale will share their experiences and perspective. We will discuss and demonstrate the art and science of collaring livestock and placing base stations.

Virtual fence is exciting, and has a lot of potential—and risk. We hope this workshop empowers you to effectively evaluate VF for sustainable rangeland management.


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