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Animal Unit Months

Animal unit months (AUM) is commonly adopted in rangeland situations as the unit used to express carrying capacity. AUM is a measure of forage supply within the management unit, based on the amount required to support an animal unit for 1 month. Animal unit days (AUD) and animal unit years (AUY) can also be adopted, but AUM better accommodates flexible or season-long grazing schedules.

Attempts have been made to convert AUM into a constant value that quantifies that amount of forage needed to support an animal unit for a month. For example, 1AU (~450 kg animal) x 2% intake/day x 30 days = 270 kg usable forage will support a 450 kg animal for 30 days. However, the actual weight assigned to an animal unit or for daily intake remains an issue of contention. As it is, AUM provides a useful rule-of-thumb to describe the carrying capacity within a management unit, and to serve as a common measure to compare sites or years.

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