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Workshop 3: Ranching Heritage Alliance

Soil Health & Virtual Fencing

Date & Time: April 16, 2024

Where: X Diamond Ranch Event Center, 300 Southfork RD, Eagar, AZ 85925

Workshop Summary:

Join us at the Ranching Heritage Alliance meeting at the X Diamond on April 16 to learn about soil health in the White Mountains and virtual fencing (VF). The morning session will cover off-road vehicle issues, soil health, and erosion processes. The afternoon will cover VF 101, compare the VF vendors, demonstrate livestock collaring and the base stations placement. VF is exciting and has a lot of potential—and there is a steep learning curve. 

We hope this one day workshop empowers you to understand the relationship between soil health and grazing and effectively evaluate VF for sustainable rangeland management.


Morning - Soil Health

  • Soil Health & Ranchers
  • Off-Road Vehicle Issues & Regulations
  • Rangeland Soil Health
  • Erosion-Natural Processes and Human Activity


Afternoon - Virtual Fencing