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EEFlux (Earth Engine Evapotranspiration Flux)
EEFlux (Earth Engine Evapotranspiration Flux) is a version of METRIC (Mapping Evapotranspiration at high Resolution with Internalized Calibration) that operates on the Google Earth Engine system. EEFlux has been developed by the consortium of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Desert Research Institute and University of Idaho with funding support by Google. EEFlux processes individual Landsat scenes from any period from 1984 through present and for nearly every land area on the Globe to produce values of evapotranspiration. Users can specify start and stop dates and a specific area of interest to find evapotranspiration rates. EEFlux searches the Google archive for Landsat images and provide a list of images for the location and permit the user to select one image to process. Once an image has been selected, EEFlux will present a list of data layers that can be displayed in the map window. The ETrF and ET-actual images can be downloaded as geo-tiff files using the hot links on the EEFlux site.
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