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Manging Drought on the Ranch
The National Drought Mitigation Center provides access to a number of tools developed by the University of Nebraska to help ranchers monitor drought. This Managing Drought on the Ranch toolkit provides access to tools that can help landowners and managers understand current drought conditions, how they compare to previous years, what they can expect interms of forage production for the coming year, if they are likely to recieve rain that can help with forage production in the current year, and learn about options for managing drought. The Managing Drought on the Ranch toolkit is linked to a downloadable guide that managers and ranchers can use to develop a drought plan. The Managing Drought on the Ranch website contains a wealth of other information to learn about drought and what actions one can take to respond to dought. See CCAST webinar about the Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch toolkit and guide here: https://youtu.be/nIGerxDY4ms?t=2648
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