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Climate-Smart Restoration Tool
The Climate Smart Restoration Tool (CSRT) is a collaboration between the US Forest Service, Oregon State University, Bureau of Land Management and the Conservation Biology Institute. The CSRT was developed to provide information on seed collection and transfer of native plants. It maps current and future seed transfer limits for plant species with or without genetic information using climate data generating from ClimateNA.The CSRT uses genecological functions to map seed transfer limits of select species. The number of species with genetic information will evolve in time as more genetic data becomes available.
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Dr. Bryce Richardson: bryce.richardson2@usda.gov, Dr Francis Kilkenny: francis.f.kilkenny@usda.gov, Dr. Brad St.Clair: bstclair@fs.fed.us, Nikoals Stevenson-Molnar: Nik.molnar@consbio.org