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Rangeland Analysis Platform
The Rangeland Analysis Platform (RAP) is an innovative online tool that quickly visualizes and analyzes vegetation data for the United States. RAP can display continuous vegetation cover where users can see abundance and distribution of perennial or annual herbaceous, shrubs, trees, and bare ground; annual aboveground biomass to see plant production quantities and changes over time; and 16-day aboveground biomass to see how biomass has changed in the current growing season. To generate this information, RAP combines sstatellite imagery with thousands of on-the-ground vegetation measurements. More information about RAP here: https://support.rangelands.app/article/46-new-to-rap-start-here-landing See CCAST Case Study about the use of the Rangeland Analysis Platform here: https://arcg.is/1zaaz81 and webinar about the project here: https://youtu.be/nIGerxDY4ms?t=974
CART Geographical Scope
Western USA
CART Topic
Grazing Management
Woody Plant Management
CART Tool Type
Contact Information
Jeremy Maestas: jeremy.maestas@usda.gov, Nicole Hupp: nhupp@blm.gov, Jennifer Walker: jnwalker@blm.gov