Specific Guidelines on Sample Unit Size for Biomass

The size of sample units is a critical decision in estimating biomass in order to obtain precise data without spending too much time sampling. If too small, the many empty quadrats will give the collected data a skewed sampling distribution, and infrequent species may be missed. Conversely, if quadrats are too large, sampling becomes time consuming and there is a greater likelihood of sampling errors originating from careless evaluation or boundary decisions.

Also refer to Sample Unit Size in the Sampling Concepts section.

Sample Unit Size for Biomass Sampling

  • increasing quadrat size will reduce the number of emply quadrats, so that collected data assumes a normal distribution.
  • if more than 5% of quadrats are 'empty', increase quadrat size.
  • when sampling involves the use of equipment such as small field scales, ensure that average quadrat biomass is >10 g, to overcome the potential error from insensitive measurement intervals.
  • have quadrats no larger than necessary, to avoid problems associated with careless sampling, boundary decisions, and excessive time requirements.

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