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Re-launching The Rangelands Partnership's Websites: New Look, Trending Topics, More Content, Mobile Responsive
Hutchinson, Barbara S.
Dalke, Amber
Noelle, Sarah
Burritt, Beth
Pfander, Jeanne
Borman, Michael
Society for Range Management
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An optimization grant from eXtension allowed The Rangelands Partnership and the eXtension Rangeland Stewardship and Health (RSH) Community of Practice to gain user feedback on how to improve and better integrate their web portals. Through discussions and surveys of Partnership members as well as through a series of stakeholder focus group sessions, information was gained to initiate an extensive redesign effort. Following months of meetings and fine-tuning, Global Rangelands (http://globalrangelands.org ), Rangelands West (http://rangelandswest.org), and eXtension Rangelands (http://www.extension.org/rangelands ) will officially launch their new looks, improved navigation, expanded content, and mobile responsive design in early 2015. While retaining a focus on integrating and providing easy access to more than 15,000 resources to serve multiple audience's research, education, and Extension information needs, new features will include (1) content from SRM (meeting abstract archive), GSSA (journal article abstracts), FAO full-text documents, a Teaching Curriculum Clearinghouse, and many more fact sheets and videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalRangelands/playlists); (2) comprehensive pages on Trending Topics such as wolf reintroduction, wild horses and burros, and sage grouse; (3) higher visibility for educational resources including Careers and Education, Distance Course Catalog and teaching tools for all ages; and (4) mobile responsive design for Global Rangelands and Rangelands West. News on the re-launching of the portals and their new capabilities will be announced through the Partnership's social media outlets including Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RangelandsWest and Twitter https://twitter.com/RangelandsPartn.

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SRM Orlando, FL