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Wulster-Radcliffe, Meghan
Tolleson, Doug
Society for Range Management
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The Junior Animal Scientist Program was started by the American Society of Animal Science to provide students an opportunity to learn not only about the science behind livestock production and management, but that associated with zoo and companion animals as well. Animal scientists felt the need to respond to what they felt were misleading sources of information about animal agriculture and research. Their website states: “Animal science is a STEM discipline that helps prepare students for high level science and math courses.” The program is geared for ages 5 to 12. Club membership includes a subscription to the Jr. Animal Scientist magazine which covers such topics as careers, activities, and science concepts. There are also materials for older students. Example subject areas include: 1) Livestock and the environment; e.g. “Sustainable farmers are very aware of the impact of their farming practices on the environment. For this reason, they try to limit their use of non-renewable resources. Not only does this help the environment stay healthy, but it also keeps the farmer from depending too much on resources that could run out, leaving her without necessary inputs for her farm.”, 2) Animal health and welfare; “It is important for pets, zoo animals and farm animals to stay healthy. Animal scientists study how animal housing and feed can affect health.”, and 3) What are species; “The definition of species is a difficult concept to define; these are two commonly agreed upon definitions, but the exact separations are still debated. Species classification isn't a natural phenomenon, but rather one used by biologists to help them talk about the plants and animals that they study.” This program may provide either a model for the range profession to adapt for a similar program, a collaborative partner for such a range-oriented program, or both.

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