Modeling Eastern Redcedar Biomass in Kansas using Linear Spectral Unmixing Analysis of Satellite Imagery and High Spatial Resolution Imagery
Kevin Price
David Burchfield
Johnny Bryant
Larry Biles
Ross Hauck
Sabina Dhungana
Deon van der Merwe
Publication Year

Eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginia), an indigenous Kansas conifer was championed as an excellent windbreak and shelterbelt tree for the Central Great Plains during the dust bowl era. Changes in land management practices have allowed this tree to invade onto other lands. In a 2002 study of redcedar expansion in Oklahoma, it was reported that the species was invading new lands at a rate of 762 acres per day at an economic loss to the state by 2013 of $447 million. Results from our study indicate that redcedar cover increased from 1988 to 2009 (21 years) by 382% in Riley County, Kansas.

Additional Information
Kevin Price1, David Burchfield1, Johnny Bryant1, Larry Biles2, Ross Hauck2, Sabina Dhungana2, Deon van der Merwe1 --- 1Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA, 2Kansas Forest Service, Manhattan, Kansas, USA