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Variation of stream stability with stream type and livestock bank damage in northern Nevada
Myers, T. J., S. Swanson
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To better sort natural influences from livestock influences, stream stability rating indicator variables were related to stream types and levels of ungulate bank damage, in a large database for streams in northern Nevada. Stability, and the range in stability, varied naturally with stream type. Ungulate bank damage had different effects on different stream types and on different parts of their cross-sections. Vegetation is more important for stability on some streams than other types. Streams with noncohesive sand and gravel banks are most sensitive to livestock grazing. The stability of a steam is primarily influenced by the stream type, and therefore, similar livestock stocking rates can have variable impacts between stream types.

riparian vegetation
watershed management
aquatic ecosystems
livestock grazing impact
nonpoint source pollution
sediment supply
stream stability
wildland hydrology
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