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Off-stream water sources for grazing cattle as a stream bank stabilization and water quality BMP
Sheffield, R. E., S. Mostaghimi, D. H. Vaughan, E. R. Collins Jr., V. G. Allen
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This 14-month study looks at installing offstream water sources on two different ranches and the resulting effects on water quality. Results show that cattle preferred to drink from the trough 92% of the time. Off-stream water tanks reduced the time cattle spent in the riparian areas by 51%, stream bank degradation was less, and the total suspended solids decreased by 89%. Total phosphorous and sediment bound nitrogen decreased by 98% and 92%, respectively. This study shows that installing off stream water is an effective way to improve water quality, by reducing sediment and bacteria without having to fence off the riparian areas.

water quality
animal behavior
best management practice (BMP)
off-stream water source
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