The leaf and shoot demography of grazed and ungrazed plants of Carex subspathacea
Kotanen, P. M., R. L. Jefferies
Publication Year

The effects of lessor snow geese herbivory on Carex subspathecea were investigated in the salt marshes along La Perouse Bay, Manitoba, Canada. Three exclosed plots were paired with three plots that were open to geese herbivory during growing season of 1984. The leaves on eighty-one shoots within the half meter squared plots were marked in mid-June. Every two weeks until the beginning of September the leaves on each shoot were viewed and designated as alive, new, dead, or grazed. Six pairs of grazed and ungrazed plots were set up in June 1985 to measure shoot births, deaths, and survivorship every two weeks until September 1985.

plant production
compensatory growth
Anser caerulescens caerulescens
lesser snow geese
net annual primary production
sedge-meadow community
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