Rainfall simulation to evaluate infiltration/runoff characteristics of a shortgrass prairie
Frasier, G. W., R. H. Hart, G. E. Schuman
Publication Year

Runoff and infiltration was measured on the Central Plains Experimental Range, near Nunn, Colorado to see how these attributes change after cattle grazing is stopped. Along with runoff and infiltration, biomass was also measured in a 3 ha exclosure in each of three pastures with different previous grazing intensities: heavy, moderate, and light. Three rainfall simulation treatments (water on dry soil, water on wet soil, and double the amount of water on twice wetted soil) were applied. Exclosures were built after over 50 years of grazing and the rainfall trials occurred two months after exclosures were built and one and two years following construction. Runoff was measured in flumes at the bottom of the plot and converted to a runoff equilibrium ratio (amount of runoff to water applied) for analysis.

soil compaction
cattle grazing
cattle removal
infiltration rates
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