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The interactive effects of fire and herbivory on a coastal marsh in Louisiana
Ford, M. A., J. B. Grace
Publication Year

The interaction of nutria herbivory with fire was investigated on three types of marshes along the Pearl River basin in Gulf Coast of Louisiana. In each marsh, two, 10 m² plots were established in Spartina patens, Sagittaria lancifolia, and Panicum virgatum dominated marshes. One plot was burned in the fall of 1992, while the other remained unburned. Inside each plot, two m² subplots were established with one plot fenced to exclude nutria grazing while the other plot was unfenced. Plots were set up in the fall of 1992 and sampled at that time and then in the falls of 1993 and 1994. Cover and species density were measured on all plots prior to burning. Following sampling, burned plots were reburned in 1993. In the fall following both burning treatments, cover was measured and biomass was harvested.

plant cover
coastal marsh
plant biomass
Species Density
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