Western Australian Rangeland Monitoring System for grasslands: field manual
Craig, Andrew
Thomas, Phillip
Watson, Ian
Department of Agriculture and Food, Government of Western Australia
Publication Year

Western Australian Rangeland Monitoring System (WARMS) sites are designed to provide defined areas for repeated photography and collection of vegetation composition, shrub/tree cover and landscape function (soil surface assessment) data. This manual defines the procedures for the installation and monitoring of WARMS sites in the grasslands of northern Western Australia. It also provides a documented reference of site stratification at regional scale, and site allocation at station (property) scale. Different procedures apply for sites in the shrublands of the southern pastoral zone. As at May 2006, almost all sites had been installed. WARMS is designed to be interpreted at the vegetation type or regional scale, rather than lease (station) scale. Information gathered is typically used to inform government and the general community, rather than to provide tactical management advice for individual land managers. Figure 1 shows the area of interest and location of sites within Land Conservation Districts (LCDs). 

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Document Type
Technical Report
Western Australia
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