Rangeland Ecology & Management

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Guide to Rangeland Monitoring and Assessment
Smith, Lamar
Ruyle, George
Dyess, Judith
Meyer, Walter
Barker, Steve
Lane, C.B. “Doc”
Williams. Stephen M.
Maynard, James L.
Bell, Dan
Stewart, Dave
Coulloudon, Alfred “Bill”
Arizona Grazing Lands Conservation Association

Rangelands—grasslands, forests and woodlands that support livestock grazing—are found across much of the western United States. These rangelands supply the bulk of the forage for western livestock production. Such lands are also important providers of water, wildlife habitat, wood products, and outdoor recreation. Rangelands also furnish open space and scenery valued by residents and visitors. It is important that these rangelands be managed to sustain these benefits for present and future generations.

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