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2019 Annual Meeting

May 19-22, 2019

Fargo, ND

Meeting Summary 

This year brings exciting developments for the Rangelands Partnership. A website re-design is underway, initiated by the stellar team at the University of Arizona. We are working with Kim Daly, a professional in the field, to gather user experience data, use best visual practices in web design, and apply this to design. The re-design will result in a single website that is more visually appealing, navigable, and accessible to end-users.  
Partnership development and outreach continues through three work teams: sustainability, content development, and social media and marketing. These groups work throughout the year to improve content, ensure the economic viability of the group, and promote the organization and funded projects.
Partnership members have been recognized for their work in a few large-scale national grants. The University of Idaho (lead by Jason Karl) and University of Arizona received a NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant to synthesize rangeland and grazing resources in a searchable app. Mark Thorne received a RREA grant to put on a webinar conference series. The series will showcase particularly innovative and effective programs that address the nine cross-cutting issues identified in the RREA strategic plan, and in so doing, increase the capacity of extension staff across the US.
With the leadership of Tip Hudson (2018-2019 Chair); the support of Livia Olsen (2019-2020 Vice Chair), new Partnership member Krista Ehlert (2019-2020 Secretary), continuing Treasurer Jeremy Kenyon; and the indispensable help of the EC+, we enter this year strong. As Chair, Retta Bruegger hopes to continue the great momentum and bring us into the next year with renewed excitement and productivity.

Reports and Presentations


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