A National Grazingland Information System
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Project Funder
USDA NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG)
The development of systems to organize and deliver available knowledge to support adaptive management has been identified as one of the grand challenges to maintaining resilient grazingland systems. Organization of such information systems, however, is hindered by the distributed nature of resources across the internet and the lack of consistent tagging of content for effective searching. Topic specific portals like Global Rangelands (globalrangelands.org) aggregate resources from disparate sources, but a standard vocabulary to tag resources for searching is needed to improve relevance of search results. Additionally, mobile devices have created an opportunity to take grazingland resources into the field in situations where internet connectivity is not available. To meet the grand challenge of delivering accurate, relevant, and timely information to grazingland professionals, a new approach is needed for efficiently discovering, locating, and saving handbooks, technical notes, and other reference materials. This new approach must be built on a grazingland‐specific thesaurus of terms and developed in a way that leverages existing internet resources while recognizing the offline nature of grazingland management work. We propose to leverage the Rangelands Partnership, a collaborative effort of rangeland researchers, extension specialists, and librarians from 19 western US states, to develop and implement a grazingland thesaurus within the Global Rangelands platform, identify and tag a core set of reference materials, and make that information available via an online/offline mobile application.
(Note: globalrangelands.org is being redesigned and relaunched as rangelandsgateway.org)